Monday, October 22

Remember that boy?

That boy I talked about. I told him I loved him (maybe not in those words, but it was close enough. I know he got the message) and he told me that 'everything I do makes me happy'. He told me I was adorable. He told me to listen to a number of songs, all of which conveyed a message of 'I feel the same'.
And then he told me that I was a good friend.
It still hurts too much to cry.
We haven't spoken in almost a week.
I don't know what to do.

Friday, October 12

It's been a while.

But he knows now. I told him.
Through text, which was a bad idea, but what can you do?
He knows, we've talked, and we might be getting somewhere. (Very, very slowly.)
I just wish it were easier.
(And that we were moving faster. I've waited for this for over a year.)

Wednesday, August 29

I said I would tell my story.

And here I am.
I'll admit, right now, I'm not sure that it is love. But it's much, much more than a crush. I would do anything to see this boy happy, even if it means I can't be with him.
He has no idea about how I feel, or at least I hope he doesn't, because I'm friends with him and I would hate to mess that up. I made a post on my personal blog about him recently, about how much I would love to and am loathe to tell him. I've asked multiple people for advice on this, and a lot of them have said, just tell him. Just tell him, so at least you'll get it off your chest.
And, to be honest, I really want to. But I'm so, so afraid that I'll mess up what I already have.
(submit, people. submit.)

30 pageviews. One day. Impressive.

So, I didn't have time to truly explain my goal with this blog last night, so here I go:
This blog is going to be a collection of stories, pictures, videos, etc., about love.  I'll start with my own later today.
But hopefully, they will be submissions from readers. I know that the people who are reading this blog for now are just my friends, and I know that some of them probably have really interesting stories to share.
So go ahead. The email for submissions is on the get in touch page, in the previous post, and at the bottom of the homescreen.
Have fun.

Tuesday, August 28

Going public in 3... 2... 1...

So. Probably, whoever's reading this at the moment knows me personally, but I have my own blog. They know that.
This blog is about love. About love and it's consequences, it's happiest moments, and it's joyful downfalls.
We all know it happens. And we all fall in love.
I'm here to collect stories.
Whether told by video, picture, or text, stories are a powerful thing.
Now, if you choose to submit something, (which you can do at I'll be reviewing and collecting the best - I might alter something or send it back if it's not good enough, so be warned.
Credit will go where credit is due.
I'm not sure that I've ever been in love. But I love the idea of love, of having someone you can depend on and support. I love the idea of give and take, of romance, and of intimacy without trying.
This blog is judgement free.